This website tries to bring together all scholars dealing with disability history of the ancient world. Quite contrary to disability studies for other periods, research into this subject has just begun to develop and specialists are few.

We hope this site will be a tool to bring scholars together, and a way to announce new developments.

We take Antiquity as spanning a broad geographical and chronological range: also disability historians of e.g. the Sumerian or Babylonian period, those focusing on Jewish or Persian culture, as well as specialists of late Antiquity, are kindly invited to join!
— Prof. Dr. Christian Laes

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Christian Laes

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Christian Laes is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Manchester (UK) and Professor of Latin and Ancient History at the University of Antwerp (BE). He has published five monographs and over ninety international contributions on the sociocultural history of Roman and Late Antiquity. Human life course (childhood, youth, sexuality, disabilities) has been one of the focuses of his research.

Lisa Brunet


Lisa Brunet is a PhD student at the University of Manchester (UK). At this moment, she is working on grandparents in the Roman Empire under the supervision of prof. dr. Christian Laes. Previously, she has been examining racism in Antiquity during her master at the Catholic University of Leuven (BE).


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